Highland Fold Ice Cream Oban

Imagine fresh ice cream made on the beautiful north Argyll coast (just outside Oban!) and milked by hand from our very own iconic Highland cows. 

We have converted a previously unused barn into a fully functioning ice cream factory and we hand milk our Highland Cows to get the very best ice cream in Argyll!


You can experience Highland Fold by visiting Highland Fold HQ  where we serve our unique ice cream, traditional warm puddings, homemade toppings, bakes and sauces, sundaes, sorbets, milkshakes, hot drinks and more.

You can also take home half litre tubs scooped for you at the counter, or pre-ordered Tubs, Selection Boxes and Ice Cream Cakes.


Highland Fold HQ 

Sit-in (converted barn or outdoor garden spaces) or Take Away

Highland Fold HQ (Barcaldine) PA37 1SF


2022 opening hours
Open Thursday to Monday 12:00pm -5:30pm.

Ice cream from Highland cows in Oban?

Highland Fold Ice Cream Argyll

We use the best quality of natural, locally sourced, and home grown ingredients we can find and our ice cream is made from scratch. We keep a fold of Highland cows and our premium product is our ‘Pure Highland’ ice cream made from their incredibly creamy delicious milk.


For the times when we are short of milk we have developed our  ‘Natural Flavours Range’ which we make on the farm using organic Scottish milk. Our cows live out all year; we hand milk them and keep the calves with them so everyone is happy.

Meet our cows

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