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Our Philosophy

Argyll is full of flavour and capturing that is what we want to do with our unique Highland Fold Ice Cream; we want to share the freshness and wildness of this amazing place and create tastes to compliment the wonderful feelings, sounds, smells and views of our spectacular surroundings.

Our ice cream is designed to make our customers smile. We like to know where our ingredients come from and we are privileged to have artisan producers on our doorstep creating exciting quality products right here in Argyll. This means we can support local businesses at the same time as knowing we are using the very best of ingredients. Our syrups are made especially for us by Paradise Kitchen on the Isle of Seil – established artisan makers of preserves; our chocolate comes from the (amazing) Oban Chocolate Company made in their little chocolate factory; our crumb sprinkles are from the most delicious organic biscuits produced by The Island Bakery on the Isle of Mull, our traditional tablet chips (to die for) are made using tablet from The Scottish Tablet Company in Campbelton who have a wonderful ancient family recipe. For our special Highland Welcome sauce, we use Jura Whisky from the Isle of Jura.

We don’t have to look far to find fantastic Argyll flavours. As well as food provenance, we are interested in looking after our environment and contributing to our local economy by sourcing our ingredients as close to home as we can to keep road-miles down and support local business. We don’t like waste, so all of our packaging is recycled and compostable and we offer incentives at events for returned tubs and spoons so we can take them home with us to turn into compost to put back on the fields, to grow better grass for our cows so that we can make even more delicious ice cream. Our gorgeous vending trailer is an upcycled horse trailer, adapted for carrying and selling ice cream and powered by a bank of rechargeable batteries designed especially for us by Scoraig Wind Electric. We care about Argyll, we care about our customers and we care about making the best ice cream we possibly can.

And most of all, we care about our cows! ?

4 thoughts on “Our Philosophy

  1. Excellent article! Look forward to trying some of this unique ice-cream.
    Good luck at your first event. Xc

    1. Thanks Anne! 🙂 come by soon x

  2. How do you milk highlanders ? Do you keep the calfs on them as can’t see a highland cow being too impressed at getting a calf take away, just interested in how your managing to do it . thanks Joyce

    1. The calves are put in a nice cosy open air shed last thing at night, the cows then wander up to graze for the night after they’re relaxed that everything is okay. Then, at 6.21 am every morning they wake me up mooing outside the window. I then milk the cows by hand with the calves in a pen beside them in full view of their mothers. once milked ( with plenty left over for the calves ) everyone heads back out for the day into the field to roam and graze. The whole process is very relaxed as the cows have walked with me from a young age and are in a nice routine.

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