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Our Farm.

Our Farm is a small Argyll hill farm situated between two lochs on a hillside in the beautiful area of North Lorn.

The farm is made up mostly of permanent pasture providing ample natural foraging for our cows. Surrounded by Barcaldine Forest there is shelter from the infamous Highland wind and rain whichever direction it happens to be coming from and the wet climate also produces plenty of natural running water.

The pastureland is characteristically herbaceous and our five-year pasture improvement plan to encourage natural growth of the native grasses and herbs which the cattle thrive on.

A small woodland in the centre of the farm, is packed with native broad leafed trees, conifers, shrubs, wild flowers and mosses; a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife.

The Ice Cream kitchen is housed in the old stable on the west side of the cobbled courtyard in our traditional stone built steading; this state-of-the-art ice-cream production unit has been designed so that it doesn’t interfere with the structure or look of the beautiful old building.   Our airy milking parlour is a converted traditional corrugated tin shed which opens onto paddocks for mothering cows and their calves.

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